Manuals and Parts Breakdowns

Aerators & Accesories

BA-4 Air-Ject Aerator (Updated)

BA-4M Air-Ject Aerator Mini (Updated)

BA-400 Multi-Ject Aerator

BA-6100 Super-Ject Aerator

 BA-600 Super-Ject Aerator

Bannerman Tine Chart

Tine Installation


Ball Diamond Groomers & Accessories

B-BP-4 Ballpark-4 (Updated)

B-BP-6 Ballpark-6

B-DM-6 Diamond Master

B-DE-20 Diamond Edger (Updated)

B-WB-KIT-SA Swing Away Wing Brush Kit

B-BP-6 Old Brush Frame


Synthetic Groomers

 B-MG-6 Master Groomer


Line Markers

 B-WLM-234 Wet Line Marker

 B-LC-1234 Infield Line Chalker (Updated)

 B-12-35B&S Pre-Line Mower


Line Trimmers


BW-2015M Commercial Line Trimmer 2015

 BW2010-H / BW2015-M 2010

 BW4700-Y 2006

 BW4700-Y 2005

 BW4700-W 2004








Engines (Kawasaki)

 TJ027-AC56 2010-Present

TH026D-BC53 2003-2004

TG025-AC56 1998

 TG025-AC51 1996


Engines (Mitsubishi)

 Mitsubishi TLE27


Engines (Honda)

GX25NT 2010 – Please see your local Honda dealer


Other Parts

 Line Head



 BLT-14 & BLT-15 Lawn Thatchers

 B-GT-27-H Greens Dethatcher


Top Dressers

BTD-10 Sports Topper (Updated)

 B-MTD Mini-Topper

 B-MTD-PT Power Topper

BTD-20 Turf Topper


Other Manuals

BGM-21-H Paladin Greens Mower

BP-1 Lawn Bowl Pusher (Updated)

B-PPS-5 Parks and Playground Seeder

B-SDS-4-H – Simple Dimple Seeder Mark II (Updated)

B-TLR Truck Loading Ramp – Installation

BA-402K-18 Back Pack Blower

BA-402K-23 Back Pack Blower

BA-600K / TE059D-C50 Kawasaki Engine 2004 (for Back Pack Bower)

B-IS-245- Bannerman/Ree-Mac Stone Burier (NEW)