turf topper topdresser


The Bannerman BTD-20 Turf Topper Topdresser is the original big 3 cubic yard capacity precision built drop line top dresser, designed specifically for Sportsfield maintenance. Variable speed conveyor floor, spreading pin drum allows precise distribution of wet or dry topdressing, sand, screenings, bark chips, infield materials, calcined clay and top soil.


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Turf-Topper Specifications
1,950 lbs
8,250 lbs
850 Kg
3,700 Kg
14 ft. 6 in
6 ft. 6 in
7 ft. 6 in
442 cm
198 cm
229 cm
58 in
2 in-3 in
147 cm
6 mm- 76 mm
CapacityStandardCubic Yards
Cubic Feet
3 cu yds
81 cu ft
2.29 cu m
2.29 cu m
OptionalCubic Yards
Cubic Feet
4.1 cu yds
111 cu ft
3.13 cu m
3.13 cu m
Tractor RequirementsMinimum horsepower25
Minimum gallons per minute (g.p.m.)5.5
Minimum litres per minute25
Minimum oil pressure950 p.s.i.
Maximum oil pressure1,975 p.s.i.
Frame and Box ConstructionFrame3/16 in. (5mm) thick formed U-Chanel steel
Box#12 gauge ribbed steel, reinforced with 1 in. (2.9 mm) diameter square structural steel tubing at corners and at the top of the box

Standard Equipment
ConveyorHydraulic direct drive to conveyor floor
Variable speed attained by means of (20) position restriction valves - achieving variable depth of topdressing 3/32 inches to 2f inches
Tires19" Pussyfoot wide trac turf tires - low PSI on turf
Hopper#12 guage ribbed steel
Strong ensuring maximum capacity material yet minimizing overall weight
Conveyor58 in. (147 cm) wide continuous, self-aligning belt
Made of PVC, with moulded “V” on the underside to ensure self-alignment
at all times
Hydraulically driven by 10 position restriction valve, and single spool valve control to infinitely vary conveyor speed to ensure very accurate placement
of topdressing
Adjustment of conveyor tension is made easily with two sliding pallor blocks with front adjuster screws
Quick release “reverse” direction of conveyor rear to front necessary if any foreign debris jams in rear of unit
Paddles (individually welded)
15 in
58 in
1/4" x 2 in x 1 in
38 cm
147 cm
6 mm x 51 mm x 25 mm
Power take offSpecial PTO shaft with ratchet slip clutch assembly and 80 degree double
“U” joint allows for short radius turning
Hydraulic Equipment20 position, 10 calibrated position, flow valve and directional spool valve,
tractor mounted for operator accessibility
All hydraulic spool valves are within reach of the driver
Inline hydraulic regulator assembly ensures correct pressure to hydraulic
motors at all times
Tow BarQuick adjust clevis tow bar hitch for three different heights

Optional Equipment
B-LK-TTHighway transportation lighting kit, comes with make and female plug fitting
B-WTT-TT19 in. “Pussyfoot” Wide Treadles Tire
B-WRT-TT19 in. “Pussyfoot” Wide Ribbed Tire
B-S-B-K-TT12 in. x 57 in. (30 cm x 145 cm) spreading brush kit
B-AB-TTAxle standard comes with brake drum and rolling cam actuator hand controlled bake lever cable with tractor fender mounting bracket
B-EX-SK-TTExtension Side Sill Kit, increases capacity to 4.1 cubic yards
R10053Replacement PTO Shaft assembly