Bowls Pushers

Bowls Pusher BP-1

The Bannerman Bowls Pusher BP-1 has 360  ̊ ball based casters at the front, which make maneuverability both effortless and easy.  These casters also ensure there is no marring or damage to the green.  Wide, but thick tubular handles aid in steering and control with no strain on the arms or hands.  All aluminum construction makes our Bowls Pusher strong but light weight. Hardwood mounted bumpers reduce scratching or damaging the bowls. Smooth, pattern less rollers leave no marking on the green.  Fold over handle remains up right when in use – no danger of tripping over the handle – and folds flat for storage on hanger frame. 

• Multi-directional ball casters at the front for easy maneuvering

• Hardwood bumpers minimize scratching the bowls

• Wide, smooth rear rollers to prevent marking the green

• Wide tubular handle with rubberized grip for easy steering and control