sport topper topdresser


The Bannerman Sport Topper Topdresser BTD-10 is a medium capacity 1.5 cubic yard tow behind precision built hydraulically powered top dresser. Variable speed conveyor and high speed brush capable of spreading precisely wet or dry topdressing, sand, screenings, bark chips, infield materials, calcined clay and top soil.






Sports Topper Specifications
550 lbs
3800 lbs
250 Kg
1724 Kg
56 in
50 in
70 in
142 cm
127 cm
178 cm
58 in
147 cm
CapacityCubic Yards
Cubic Feet
1e cu yds
47 cuft
1.34 cum
92.42 cu cm
Ground PressureOnly 10-12 p.s.i. whenn fully loaded

Standard Equipment
DriveHydraulic to Brush
Hydraulic to Conveyor Floor
Variable speed attained by means of (20) position restrictor valves - achieving variable depth of topdressing 3/32 inches to 2f inches.
TiresTwo pairs twin 18-9.50x8 turf tires on centre pivot swing axle to ensure safe flotation, stability, and ensures consistent low p.s.i. on turf surface.
HopperGalvanized steel, ribbed, light weight
Strong ensuring maximum capacity material yet minimixing overall weight
ConveyorAdjustable by means of two front bearing block adjusters
Brush8" sectinal heavy duty poly-fibre brush at the rear of the conveyor ensures even spreading of all types of organic and sand topdressings
Height and spread of the brush thrusts material partially into the grass plant and airation holes thus requiring less labour for "dragging" with brushes, rakes or drag mats
TongueClevis style or option ball hitch
Adjustable in verticle height to match all turf vehicles
Optional Epuipment
B-ENG-ST-CEEngine driven hydraulic pump comes with oil reservoir kit; 12 volt electric valve and controller, lead and tow hitch

Tow Vehicle15 h.p. minimum with hydraulics
HydraulicsMinimum Flow2.6 gallons per minute12 Litres per minute
Maximum flow5.5 gallons per minute21 Litres per minute
Minimum Pressure900 p.s.i.
Maximum Pressure2,000 p.s.i.
Powered by tractor hydraulics or optional engine drive hydraulic power pack
"Walking-beam' axle - tires never crush the turf surface
Treadless turf tires - consistent pressure of only 8-10 p.s.i. on the surface
Towable with any turf vehicle
Topdress wet or dry materials - dispense grass clippings, fill sand traps, top up cart paths with aggregate stone