Infield Chalker

The Bannerman Infield Chalker applies powdered line marking materials on non-turf surface and grass areas. Our hopper has an adjustable dispensing aperture positioned close to the ground to minimize drift and is equipped with a steel lid to protect the chalk from blowing about or getting wet. The width of the line is adjustable from 1” (26mm) to 4” (102mm). For extra stability and ease of handling the Infield Chalker is equipped with 4 pneumatic wheels. The front wheels are extra large to ensure a uniform and easy drive for the oscillating hopper bottom dispensing mechanism when fully loaded. To cut off the dispensing action you simply release the operator presence control and raise the front wheels of the surface, eliminating traction.






Infield Chalker Specifications
Length (not including the handle)26 in66.04 cm
Width (not including the handle)24 in60.96 cm
Height (not including the handle)24¾ in60.32 cm
Width (including the handle)24 in60.96 cm
Height (including the handle)36 a in92.71 cm
Shipping Weight100 lbs45.36 Kg

Standard Equipment
HopperCapacity50 lbs22.68 Kg
Dimensions12a” X
31.75 cm X
14a” X
36.83 cm X
17”43.18 cm
HandleRoll Around, height adjustable
TiresFront13 X 5.00 -6
Line Widths1 in25 mm
2 in51 mm
3 in76 mm
4 in102 mm