Diamond Master® Infield Groomer


The Bannerman Diamond Master® infield groomer is six feet wide and incorporates five separate tools that are all individually and easily adjustable with the aid of screw jacks.  The Diamond Master® infield groomer levels and prepares a perfect surface with every pass.


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Diamond Master® Specifications
Overall Length52 in145 cm
Overall Width76 in183 cm
Overall Height35 in89 cm
Overall weight850 lbs386 Kg

Standard Equipment
Main FrameFormed and tubular steel
Ripper BladeLength of Blade72 in183 cm
Height of Blade6 in15 cm
Number of chisel teeth per blade30
Rake AssemblyLength of Rake72 in183 cm
Number of Coiled Tines per Rake38
Leveller AssemblyLength of Leveller70 in178 cm
Width of Leveller10 in25 cm
Free Floating:
Allows movement through vertical 90 to 35 degrees
back swing motion
Roller AssemblyOverall Length
of Roller Assembly
73 in190.5 cm
2 - 11 gauge rollers7 in x 36 in17.7 cm x 91 cm
4 - Flanged sealed ball bearings
1m” (3.8 cm) diameter one piece steel shaft
Rubber ScraperLength of Rubber Scraper72 in183 cm
Width of Rubber Scraper3 in7.6 cm
Thickness of Rubber Scraper3/8 in0.95 cm
Free floating, reversible and replaceable
Brush Assembly3 Sectional Brushes make up the Brush Assembly
Sectional brushes have four rows of polypropalene bristols
Length of brush bristles5 1/2 in14 cm
Length of sectional Brushes24 in61 cm
Width of sectional Brushes3 in7.6 cm
Overall Length of Brush Assembly72 in183 cm
Integral Tool TrayWidth of Tool Tray40 in102 cm
Length of Tool Tray52 in132 cm
Tractor RequirementsMinimum Horsepower Tractor23 Horsepower
Maximum Horsepower Tractor35 Horsepower
Category 1 - Three Point Hitch
Speed of Operation3 to 4 m.p.h. (6 to 6.5 k.p.h.)
Route of OperationForward Direction Only. Straight lines and turning is permitted.

Optional Equipment
B-H.C.2-way hydraulic ram for convenient adjustment of the tractor top link by
the operator.
B-LTR-6-DMLong Tine Rake Attachment to stir in new surface materials and calcined clays to desired depth. The LTR will also break through hard crushed surfaces.
Fluff up wet surface for quicker drying of clay surfaces.
B-WB-KIT-SAThe new “Swing-Away” wing brush kit ensures faster, cleaner grooming by erasing tire tracks and eliminating run-off from the main brush
B-W.T.-DM50 gallon water tank complete with 12-volt pump and Flood Jet (Fan) spray nozzle to control dust and assist in firming up loose surface materials.
B-H.T.KITHighway Safety Transport Kit