BA 6100 Super-Ject Aerator

The Bannerman Super-Ject BA-6100 Aerator is the best 6’ aerator in its class.  With 5 different tine options, the uses for this machine are limitless.  Optional floating roller can be fitted for use with Fracture Tines or Slitter Tines, that leaves a striping pattern on the turf.





BA-6100 Super-Ject Aerator SpecificationsStandard Equipment
Overall DimensionsW: 70 in
177.8 cm
Main FrameIn wall and box construction
L: 37a in
95.25 cm
Transport“Floating” Category 1 Three Point Hitch
H (with legs): 49 in124.46 cmStorageThree Point Hitch equipped with 4 storage legs
Weight Tray Capacity1600 lbs725.76 KgSkid ShoesThe End Frames of the Main Frame are equipped with skid shoes to prevent damage to the turf
Weight Tray DimentionsW: 59a in
151.1 cm
Tine ShaftSolid Steel
L: 64 inL: 162.56 cm
H: 4 in
10.1 cm
D: 3a inD: 8.9 cm
L: 22 in55.8 cmReel spacingCentre to Centre7a - 8 in19.05 - 20.32 cm
Aeration Width61 in154.94 cm
Average Weight with Tines950 lbs430.9 Kg
Tractor Requirements20-35 horsepower

Optional Equipment
BA-6100-RRoller Attachment - Sectional 11 Gauge steel roller assembly complete with rubber scraper and quick mount bracket.
The Roller is free floating both vertically and laterally to follow the turf’s contours independently of the aerator and the tractor. Weight 180 lbs (81.65 Kg)
BA-6100-TAG“On the Road Again” Tow-Behind Hydraulic Lift Kit.
Weight 400 lbs (181.4 Kg)

Choose Your Tines
TinesCore Tine ¾”Renovation 1” TineSlitter Slicer Tine 5mmSlitter Slicer Tine 8mmFracture Tine
Part #0811508118085440854508539
MaterialHardened SteelHardened SteelHardened SteelHardened SteelHardened Steel
Depth3 in
7.5 cm
3 in
7.5 cm
7 in
17.78 cm
7 in
17.78 cm
7 in
17.78 cm
Length8½ in
21.59 cm
8a in
21.59 cm
10 in
25.4 cm
10 in
25.4 cm
10 in
25.4 cm
Per Row108444
of Rows
Number of
Tines Per Unit